by a team of passionate
and hardcore engineers from
Estonia, Ray Foil
represents a fusion of talent,
innovation, and the spirit
of adventure.

Our journey began with a groundbreaking project – building Estonia’s first solar car, “Solaride.” This endeavor brought together skilled engineers and mentors, united by a common dream to push the boundaries of technology and sustainability.

Riding on the momentum of the solar car race, we embarked on our next ambitious dream – creating the Ray Foil electric surfboard. Our breakthrough was in developing a structural mast battery, a solution that has proven to be a game-changer in the world of eFoils. This innovation has led to the creation of the world’s lightest eFoil, a design so compact it fits conveniently into a backpack for easy transport.

Our mission at Ray Foil is to make the exhilarating experience of foiling accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We believe that the freedom and thrill of riding the waves should be a universal joy.

Leading the charge is Andres, our electronics lead engineer. With his expertise, Andres developed a state-of-the-art battery management system that efficiently balances a high-voltage battery made from salvaged Tesla Model X 100PD modules. This ingenious system not only ensures optimal performance but also provides a 24V output for the low-voltage rail, all while maintaining dual modular redundancy in the electronics.At Ray Foil, we are more than just a company; we are dreamers, innovators, and adventurers. Join us as we ride the waves of innovation and bring the joy of foiling to the world.

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